At the AFA School, group classes for kids emphasize hands-on fun. Our teachers bring French alive with activities, songs, games, and video. Through the AFA School, your child will learn French, will explore French and Francophone cultures, and will build vocabulary while interacting with kids and teachers in French.

We currently offer a Kids Beginner Cycle and a Kids Intermediate Cycle.

Kids Beginner cycle for children 6 and up- Class will be introduced to basic vocabulary, and simple sentences like "Je m'appelle...", "J'ai 6 ans.", "J'aime le chocolat."

Kids Intermediate cycle for children 6 and up -Class will work on basic verbs like être, avoir, aller, faire, aimer, manger, and will practice using them in simple sentences.

In beginning classes for children start with basic vocabulary. Next our staff introduces more complex concepts, activities and books. Small class size ensures attention tailored to students’ needs. Group classes are available for children age 6 and older. Classes are one hour in length.


Young Adults

Teens beginner cycle, for children 12 and up - Class will be introduced to basic vocabulary, verbs, and sentences

Teens Intermediate cycle, for children 12 and up - Class will work on practicing and using the présent, futur proche, passé composé tenses. Class will be introduced to expressions to talk about one's routine.

Young Adults Advanced cycle, for young adults 15 to 19- Class will work towards mastery of the présent, futur simple, futur proche, passé composé, and imparfait.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss the appropriate level for your child or young adult. We are always happy to assist in the correct placement for our youngest students (512-451-1704).