AFA Offering Early AM French Classes!

When the 6:00 AM alarm goes off some stumble for that first cup of coffee as they make their way to moring news as they get ready for getting the family ready, a commute to work, or maybe a visit to the gym.  However, for some in Austin they are headed to French Language Class at Alliance Française in Central Austin. 

One of early-rising teacher, Sylviane Didnee, proposed the idea a few months ago about putting an early weekday class on the schedule. We will admit, we were skeptical.  Much to our surprise, it was the first class to fill. 

Sylviane observes that this early morning group is fresh and really seems to embrace the learning. Sometimes focus is challenging for students who take classes in the evening after a full day of work or family responsibilities. 

Kim Jennings, a student of the early class who lives in SW Austin, tells us, “It is really all about the traffic and about being much more of morning people.  Truth to tell, we love our 7:00 AM class. We are delighted it was offered!” We are pretty sure if you live in Austin, you understand that!

As Austin grows, we will adapt.  Sylviane’s morning class will continue to the be offered at the next level next session.  She will also offer a new beginning early AM class next session as well.  Set your alarm early one day of the week and join one of our early AM classes! Registration is open now!

Even if you are not up to the early AM classes, we offer classes seven days a week. There is sure to be one that will fit your schedule! Be sure to checkout all our classes for next session that begin the week of October 22nd!