• Austin Studios Screening Room 1901 E 51st St Austin, TX 78723

On the third Sunday of each month join Alliance Française at Austin Studios to discover both classic and contemporary French film.  AFA Ciné-Club is open to everyone, both AFA members and non-members.  Attendees are welcome to bring refreshments.  Snacks & cold drinks will be available on a donation basis. Films presented in French with English subtitles.

This month AFA Ciné-club will show the animated drama ADAMA by Simon Rouby.  12 year-old Adama lives in a remote village in West Africa sheltered by cliffs. Beyond the cliffs lies the Land of Breaths, a kingdom of wicked spirits hungry for war. When Adama's brother Samba vanishes, Adama sets off in search of his brother.  Adama's quest takes him overseas, across France, to the hell-on-earth WWI battle of Verdun. The year is 1916.  Inspired by the stories of West Africans who were conscripted by France to fight in the first World War, director Simon Rouby’s debut film features impressive, distinctive animation techniques that combine sculpture, and 2D & 3D animation that express an enormous spectrum of place and emotion. An unforgettable journey adored by adults and children. ADAMA is the 2014 winner of the Work In Progress competition of France’s Annecy Animation Film Festival. Seating is limited. Purchase tickets HERE and join us!  82 minutes.