4th Saturday of each month
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

             La Madeleine French Café
             9828 Great Hills Trail,
             Austin, TX 78759   MAP       

                              AFA Club de Lecture Partner

                              AFA Club de Lecture Partner

AFA club de lecture

Alliance Française d’Austin’s Club de Lecture is a French book club for reading enthusiasts who wish to read French and participate in discussions of French literature.  All discussions will be conducted in French.  Club de Lecture participation is for current AFA members.  If you'd like to take part in Austin's French book club, join Alliance Française d'Austin today!

Club de Lecture meetings will be held the fourth Saturday of the month from 2:00-3:30pm in the conference room at La Madeleine French Café Arboretum located on Great Hills Trail. Club de Lecture does not meet in July, August, or December.

All discussion will be conducted in French.  It is therefore recommended that Club de Lecture members have at least an intermediate level of French proficiency to join book discussion.  AFA members with lower levels of French are always welcome to attend and listen.  Club de Lecture is reserved for current up-to-date AFA members.  Members’ names must appear on the AFA member roster. Not yet a member?    

Participants must supply their own books (paper or electronic). The most convenient book sources are Amazon or Schoenhof's foreign books. Other sources are available (Barnes & Noble, Austin Public Library, etc.) but selection is often very limited. Be aware that even for Amazon, delivery can take from 3 to 5 weeks.


AFA Club de Lecture is glad to announce the book selection for the coming 4 months. At the meeting dates, we will discuss in French about the book selected, you are welcome to attend even if you have not read the book completely!



JUNE 24thLa commissaire n’aime point les vers by Georges Flipo
What does a homeless man found dead in front of the Académie Française have to do with a sonnet by Baudelaire?
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Guide de Lecture

 - AFA Club de Lecture will be closed during July and August - 


- SEPTEMBER 23rd: Au revoir là-haut by Pierre Lemaitre
Desperate for one last chance of promotion, an ambitious lieutenant sends two scouts over a hill and secretly shoots them in the back to incite his men to heroic action and sets in motion a series of devastating events that will inextricably bind together the fates and fortunes of the lieutenant and the two soldiers who witness his crime.
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OCTOBER 28th: Les âmes grises by Philippe Claudel
Officials in a French town turn their focus from the ongoing horrors of World War I to solving the murder of a local girl. Framed by the desire of vengeance of the judge and his contempt for the class privileges of the district attorney, the case is set against a backdrop of death across Europe and poses deep questions about justice and humanity.
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Guide de lecture



- NOVEMBER 25th: La liste de mes envies by Gregoire Delacourt
Jocelyne wins the EuroMillions lottery, 18 million euros to be exact, but does not tell anyone. She needs time to examine the possibilities, to make a list of what she really wants. She thinks about being happy, and what that means. Will purchasing a new television for her husband make his life better? As she deliberates, she draws up a list of desires and contemplates the true meaning of worth. Gradually, her blog takes off and she becomes famous, her shop a popular destination. Still, she tells no one of her win.
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There will be no Club de Lecture meeting in December.


- JANUARY 27th: Bonjour Tristesse by Françoise Sagan
Endearing, self-absorbed, seventeen-year-old Cécile is the very essence of untroubled amorality. Freed from the stifling constraints of boarding school, she joins her father—a handsome, still-young widower with a wandering eye—for a carefree, two-month summer vacation in a beautiful villa outside of Paris with his latest mistress, Elsa. Cécile cherishes the free-spirited moments she and her father share, while plotting her own sexual adventures with a "tall and almost beautiful" law student. But the arrival of her late mother's best friend, Anne, intrudes upon a young girl's pleasures. And when a relationship begins to develop between the adults, Cécile and her lover set in motion a plan to keep them apart...with tragic, unexpected consequences.
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For more information or question, contact info@afaustin.org