4th Saturday of each month

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AFA club de lecture

Alliance Française d’Austin’s Club de Lecture is a French book club for reading enthusiasts who wish to read French and participate in discussions of French literature.  Book discussion is conducted in French.  Club de Lecture participation is for current AFA members.  If you'd like to take part in Austin's French book club, join Alliance Française of Austin today! Club de Lecture meetings are held the fourth Saturday of the month from 2:00-3:15pm at Genuine Joe’s Coffee Shop, 2001 W Anderson Lane in Austin. All book discussion will be conducted in French.  It is recommended that Club de Lecture members have at least an intermediate level of French proficiency to join book discussion.  AFA members with lower levels of French are always welcome to attend and listen. 

Participants must supply their own books (paper or electronic). Most Club de Lecture book selections can be obtained through AmazonBook People, or Schoenhof's Foreign Books. Please note that delivery of French-language book selections can take weeks to arrive - Club de Lecture participants are encouraged to order books well in-advance of Club de Lecture meeting dates.



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2:00pm February 23, 2019; Le Petit Chose by Alphonse Daudet

A beloved French classic, Le Petit Chose is an autobiographical memoir by Alphonse Daudet. Le Petit Chose recounts Daudet's early years from childhood, his teen years in boarding school, and goes on to chronicle his move to Paris where Daudet experienced his first successes as an author. Le Petit Chose is a lush and engaging story about childhood, growing up, and learning from mistakes. The novel was Daudet's first published, though not first written, work. Published in 1868. Join Club de Lecture at 2:00pm in the Board Room at Genuine Joe’s Coffee Shop on Anderson Lane, February 23, 2019.

2:00pm March 23, 2019; Rue des boutiques obscures by Patrick Modiano. Guy Roland is a detective who lost his memory ten years before the beginning of the story. When his employer retires and closes the detective agency where he has worked for eight years, Roland embarks on a search for his own identity. His investigations uncover clues to a life that seems to stop during World War II. Roland learns it’s likely he is Jimmy Stern, a Jewish Greek man who was living in Paris under an assumed name. With his memory partially back, Guy Roland goes to look for his friend Freddie. At the end of the novel Roland is about to follow the last clue that might unlock his past: an address on a street in Rome, the Via della Botteghe Obscure, where Jimmy Stern lived throughout the 1930s.  Author Patrick Modiano is the recipient of the 2014 Nobel Prize for Literature.

3:00pm April 27, 2019Demain by Guillaume Musso
She is his past… he is her future. Emma lives in New York. At age 32, she is looking for Mr. Right. Matthew lives in Boston. He lost his wife in a terrible accident and is raising his four-year-old daughter alone. An e-mail encounter and correspondence leads them to believe they may finally have found happiness. Anxious to meet each other, they agree to meet in a small Italian restaurant in Manhattan. The same day at the same time, they both push open the door to the restaurant and are shown to the same table. And yet, they never cross paths. How can this be? Caught in a form of reality beyond their comprehension, Matthew and Emma quickly come to understand that neither of them was stood up. Demain is a mystery with a genius plot, diabolical, intense and suspenseful. AFA’s April Club de Lecture will meet at 3:00pm in the Cellar at Genuine Joe’s, April 27th. Join us!


 2:00pm May 18, 2019; Chanson douce by Leïla Slimani
Louise, a lovely young nanny, is a magician with children. Myriam, the children's mother, returns from her first day back at work as an advocate to find that Louise has totally tidied the cramped apartment, seemingly doubling it in size. When the nanny also shows her abilities as a cook, the father, Paul, who manages and records popular musicians, proudly invites friends and colleagues to enjoy the dinners prepared by perfect Louise. Within weeks, Louise has become one of the family. She seems to be a miracle, but Leïla Slimani opens her book with the shocking words: "Le bébé est mort."  At first, it seems like a crime novel, working backwards to enable us to solve, or at least to understand, the murders. Yet Slimani is more subtle than that. Over the three or four years when Louise is working for the Massés—with occasional flashbacks to her previous employments, her life with her late husband, and troubles with her own daughter—the author paints a complex but instantly recognizable picture of contemporary social life, class and privilege. Winner of the 2016 Prix Goncourt.