♥  Classes taught by professional instructors, all native French speakers
♥  Conversational Approach
♥  Small congenial groups, 3 - 8 learners to maximize participation
♥  Classes for adults, youth and children
♥  Day, evening, Saturday and Sunday classes
♥  All levels available, from complete beginner to advanced and fluent
♥  Private  classes and tutoring
♥  Corporate classes
♥  Classes offered throughout the year, with 6 sessions of 7 weeks each
♥  Monthly social activities, cultural events and ciné-club
♥  Central Location  41st &  Medical Pkwy / Central Market area

 ♥  Alliance Française d'Austin has a thriving school program offering
     French classes for adults & children with 1500 registrations/year,
     over 40 group classes/week, and private & semi-private classes.
 ♥  If you always dreamed of learning French or furthering your skills, or are
     planning a trip to a Francophone country, the AFA is the perfect place!
 ♥  Whether you are interested in a group class or prefer private instruction,   
     our skilled and dedicated instructors will make your class a productive
     and enjoyable experience.
 ♥  With small classes of 8 students or less, we offer a friendly stimulating
     environment in a relaxed yet dynamic atmosphere to encourage
     communication and help you gain confidence in the target language.

To help you identify the course best suited to your level and needs or for additional information, please contact: 
Diane Gervais, our School director
Tel 512 451 1704


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      The Alliances Françaises network

      The Alliance Française was created in 1883 in Paris under the aegis of Paul Cambon and Pierre Foncin, around personalities such as     
      Jules Verne, Louis Pasteur, Ferdinand de Lesseps, Armand Colin and Ernest Renan.
      Today, it is the largest network of language and cultural centers in the world, with over 834 Alliances in 132 countries on all five continents.
      Each year, nearly 500,000 students of all ages, attend Alliances Françaises to learn French and millions of people participate in
      their cultural activities. The network is coordinated by the Alliance Française Foundation in Paris.
      The Alliance Française network in the United States is the largest in terms of the total number of chapters.
      The U.S. network currently has 110 chapters, 76 of which offer French classes, 24,500 students/year and over 1,000 events.

       What is an Alliance Française?

       Each Alliance Française is governed locally and is operated as an independant, non-profit, non-political, non-discriminatory organization.
       Alliances Françaises work towards three essential tasks:      

            -  Offering French classes for all, both in France and abroad  
            -  Spreading awareness of French and Francophone cultures
            -  Promoting cultural diversity